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Biotor Industries Ltd

Biotor is the world's largest fully-integrated manufacturer of castor oils and castor derivatives, with operations across the entire value chain from contract farming of castor seeds to wholly owned retailing operations in Europe and the United States. Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia, has invested US$38.5 million for a significant minority stake in Biotor Industries Limited. This is Morgan Stanley Private Equity's first investment in India. Commenting on the deal, Mr. Chin Chou, Managing Director and Head, Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia, said, "This investment in Biotor represents Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia's strategy to invest in companies with exceptional management teams and unique competitive advantages. We are also pleased to be making our first investment in India." Mr. Rajesh Kapadia, Managing Director for Biotor Industries Limited, commented, "India produces over 75% of the global castor crop and thus has a unique competitive advantage, which has benefited us. As the industry leader, we are investing heavily in R&D, biofuels, new derivatives and developing hybrid seeds in order to take advantage of these opportunities. We are very excited about our partnership with Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia, as this will provide us access to Morgan Stanley's global franchise and relationships, which we believe will prove invaluable as we aim to increase our international presence." Castor oil is used in a broad range of industries such as lubricants, biofuels, pharmaceuticals and paints. More recently, global efforts to replace oil-based chemicals with green, renewable, natural, biodegradable and sustainable chemicals has been driving strong demand for castor oil and its derivatives.

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