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BIOTEC was established in Belgium in 1984 with the aim of developing appropriate conceptual, technological and methodological tools for tropical regions. The key objectives are to treat wastewater (agricultural, agro-industrial and urban) and manage solid organic waste. By doing so we add value to the by-products and use them as industrial, energy and agricultural inputs in sectors such as oil palm, sugar cane, grasses and energy crops, citrus, among others. Our Vision (future): Sustainable development of Humanity, fed through organic agriculture and powered with renewable energy ACTIVITIES: - Replace the usage of fossil fuels by the valorisation of agro-industrial organic by-products - Reduce the use of chemical fertilisers in agriculture, optimising the cycle of nutrients (return of the organic matter to the soil) - Generate gas and electricity from energy crops (grasses & forage) - Find creative solutions to prevent any discharge of effluents or waste to water bodies Our expertise begins at inlet pipe effluent until clean recovered energy uses.

EPC Project Management 2021

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