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Bimaks Kimya is a leading company that is related to industrial water treatment, oil & gas and Power divisions. Bimaks Kimya was founded in 2006 with the vision of creating efficient water treatment solutions for our business partners. The company is based in Turkey-Istanbul and had already accomplished successful business activities with various countries, including Iraq, Libya, Oman, and Morocco� Etc. To fulfill all the needs of our clients, We have a highly skilled professional team consisting of senior technical engineers and technicians. The expertise and experiences we had in the industry has led us to find various solutions in producing chemicals in different water treatment systems, such as: 1. RO Systems � such as Antiscalant, Membrane cleaners and microorganism control agents (supported by NSF certificate). 2. Boilers water treatment � such as Oxygen Scavengers, Scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors and multi-functional Treatment. 3. Cooling water treatment with scale and corrosion inhibitors. 4. Closed system Treatment. 5. Water treatment Equipment�s. � As Bimaks, we are dedicated to overcome new challenges in our sector. Since 2014, we started developing chemicals for the Oil & Gas industry. The progress that we achieved over the years as a company have been significant. Our products include: 1. Oil and Gas Chemicals: such as Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale inhibitors, Microorganism control agents, Surfactants, Mutual Solvent, Iron control Agent, Clay stabilizer, Multi-function agent, Friction reducing agent and Divert Acid Additives. 2. Equipment cleaning products such as MAKS GTC (exact product of Turbo k, the world�s best turbine cleaner). 3. We have a variety of cleaning products for both equipment�s and personal use.

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