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Bilton Welding and Manufacturing Ltd.

Bilton designs, engineers and manufactures custom energy equipment to your standards. Since 1993, Bilton has worked with engineering firms and oil and natural gas producers around the globe to develop their own equipment standards for size, capacity and any number of technical specifications. We operate seven manufacturing facilities in Innisfail, Alberta, Canada and have a branch office in Calgary, AB. What truly sets us apart is our ability to collaborate with customers to build never-been-done equipment. Bilton has the in-house design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to work with your designers and mechanical and process engineers. We combine a solid understanding of oilfield production and processing with manufacturing to custom-build equipment, such as flare stacks and double-wall tanks for the world�s most demanding applications. We also perform in-field repairs and maintenance. Bilton�s designers and engineers evaluate every project objectively to identify opportunities to improve your equipment�s performance or to find cost-efficiencies in the manufacturing process. Our analysis delivers optimized capacities and avoids over-building � delivering the greatest throughput for your capital investment dollar, on top of ruggedness and reliability.

EPC Project Management 2021

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