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BETEIG Engineering

A global provider of engineering services Working with hand-picked manufacturers and selected partners in strategic fields. BETEIG Engineering benefits from skills and experience accumulated along many working years of its employees. All of our Technicians, Engineers and Project Managers have already taken part in the achievement of great projects in various industrial fields. Able to mobilise suitable human and material resources for efficient intervention when and where necessary. This is either through its full time employees or its international network of experts. We exist since 2012 and support large engineering, systems integrators, contractors and operators through two main lines of services : - Technical assistance via the deployment of our engineers, technicians, and all over the world, - Multidisciplinary engineering via our engineering center where we carry out studies in Process, GC / Structural, static and rotating equipement, 2D-3D piping / Materials / Flexibility, Elec / Instrumentation, HVAC).

EPC Project Management 2021

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