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Bespoke Wells Ltd

Bespoke Wells offers a full design, drill and complete well construction service for offshore O&G wells. This capability is built on the back of our team members core technical competency, extensive hands on operational experience and the management of major well projects. Our engineering and operations teams are fully integrated which provides continuity from planning, into and through execution. This integrated approach ensures that the engineering, well planning, equipment selection and operational procedures are aligned such that the opportunity for excellence in execution presents itself. Our approach is to foster close collaboration between Bespoke Wells, Our Client, the Drilling Contractor and Service Partners to effectively deliver the project objectives. Whether it�s interfacing with local government for securing access to infrastructure (roads, heliports, ports) in a new exploration region, developing blowout capping and containment capability or simply managing the daily business of interfacing with service providers and drilling contractors, Bespoke Wells can bring solid experience to the table. We are the Management, Engineering and Supervisory team able to take a wells project from the earliest stages of conceptual engineering design through to completion and testing/production. In addition to operating standalone we can also support and enhance existing drilling & completion teams for complex well projects. We are an already assembled and seasoned team offering the potential for significant time and cost savings associated with pulling a functional wells team together. A team capable of robust risk management and performance delivery. We can provide you the opportunity to hit the ground running, with the expertise and horsepower to make a real difference to project schedule and cost.

EPC Project Management 2021

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