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Bereket Enerji Grubu

Bereket Energy Group is Turkey�s pioneering integrated energy company. Its core operations include generation, distribution, and sale of electric power. Bereket Energy Group, which carries out the design, engineering, construction and operation of its power plants under its own roof, is an independent and integrated energy company. Bereket Energy Group, which continues to expand its capacity with hydroelectric, wind, other renewable energy and thermal power plants, also operates in the field of solar panel and cell production. Developing Turkey's first and only domestic solar cell, Bereket Energy Group is one of the main actors of Turkey's energy sector with stable and sustainable growth that it follows. - The first independent hydroelectric power producer* - The first licenced private electricity distribution utility - The first integrated energy group with generation, distribution and retail/trading activities. * Bereket completed its first hydroelectric plant on a tributary of the Menderes River � the Bereket � for which Bereket Energy Group was named. Bereket Energy Group operates 29 hydro, wind and other renewables power plants of 1.156 MW and two thermal power plants of 945 MW. The Group�s total installed capacity is 2.101 MW and power generation is 10.464 GWh/year. Bereket Energy Group operates two of Turkey�s largest and most efficient electricity distribution utilities serving the Aegean Region. The Group is one of Turkey�s top three independent integrated power utilities, delivering over 20.7 billion kWh/year to 4.9 million customers. Bereket Energy Group continues its pioneering activities with is 10 thousand employees.

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