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A company full of energy BELECTRIC is one of the most successful enterprises in the realization of utility scale solar power plants and energy storage systems. BELECTRIC was founded in 2001 and has been expanded by six shareholders to an international group since then. BELECTRIC has constructed over 285 solar PV power plants with over 1.6GWp PV capacity so far. The reconciliation of economic efficiency and ecology forms the basis for the company�s sustainable success. From product development and construction up to operation and maintenance services for solar power plants, 500 employees are working for the company. Engineers and project developers from BELECTRIC conduct interdisciplinary research in all areas of solar PV technology and battery storage systems and develop technologies which form the foundation for an environment-friendly energy supply of the future. As one of the largest O&M provider globally, BELECTRIC�s full-integrated services support continuous operation. State-of-the-art solar power plant technology and energy storage technology support the grid infrastructure and therefore contribute to cost reductions in the energy sector. With numerous patents and innovations, BELECTRIC has proven its technological leadership in the industry. Extensive, eco-friendly energy solutions: Photovoltaic Power Plants Energy Storage Solutions for grid application, primary frequency response market and self-supply systems Hybrid PV Solutions for use of existing conventional energy resources Customized off-grid systems PV rooftop systems for commercial and communal customers PV car park solutions High voltage applications and installations Grid analysis and control systems

EPC Project Management 2021

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