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Beicip-Franlab is a leading Consultancy and Software editor since 1960 with hands-on expertise in most of the oil and gas provinces. The company is part of the IFPEN Group (French Institute of Petroleum � Energies Nouvelles) with over 600 researchers and 11,600 patents. Beicip-Franlab is offering a unique synergy between a state of the art technology solution and a leading 45+ experience independent E&P consultant and is already serving over 1000 clients among the largest NOCs, IOCs and independents. The mission of Beicip-Franlab is to help our clients to find more oil and gas reserves and produce optimally existing reserves. Our staff aims to provide our clients with best-in-class and independent advices and softwares in Exploration and Production and Oil valorisation. Beicip-Franlab integrates the full range of petroleum upstream and downstream consulting services within the same organization. Beicip-Franlab offers its clients desk and field studies, consultancy services, assistance and cooperation from a technical, economic, financial, legal and contractual point of view in the area of petroleum exploration, production, transport, processing and distribution. Beicip-Franlab's competence is the fruit of more than half a century of experience, first as a Division of IFPEN, and then as a separate specialized company.

EPC Project Management 2021

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