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BAZAN Group Oil Refineries Ltd

Bazan Group is the largest refinery and petrochemicals company in Israel, and the Haifa Refinery compound consists of three plants and included Carmel Olefins Ltd. and Gadiv Petrochemical Industries Ltd.� The Group produces a wide range of petroleum distillation products with maximum production capacity of 26,600 tons of oil per day (197,000 barrels). More than 70% of the Company's products are distributed in the local market and the rest are exported, mainly to countries in the Mediterranean region. In addition to petroleum products, Bazan Group also produces downstream products such as polymers, aromatics, oils and waxes. The Group employs 1,400 permanent workers in Israel and more than 1,000 additional contract workers each year. A comprehensive study by BDO revealed that Bazan contributed, directly and indirectly, to the employment of some 14,400 workers in the country in 2018 (in terms of jobs). Its operations cover an area of 2,200 dunams in the Haifa Bay area.

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