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B.B. Energy

B.B. Energy (BBE) is among the world�s leading independent energy trading companies, with consolidated experience in trading, operations, chartering, logistics, storage, refining and financing. With global trading flows of crude oil and petroleum products in excess of 20 million metric tons annually, BBE is one of the most active gasoil, gasoline and fuel oil traders in the Mediterranean. After decades of trading, we have an unrivalled depth of knowledge in the countries where we operate. This, combined with our logistics expertise and commitment to Middle Eastern values, allows us to meet our clients� needs with reliable and innovative solutions. We are now capitalising on our hard-earned expertise and long-standing commercial relationships by entering new markets and expanding certain business lines. Our portfolio of global trading flows continues to expand. We began our commodities business in Lebanon in 1937, starting out as a grain and asphalt trading company. In 1963, we entered the Lebanese oil industry. At first, we were primarily involved in the local marketing of oil products and the importation of Bitumen. Six years later however, during 1969, we began trading oil in the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Arabian Gulf. After cementing our position as an industry pioneer in the Mediterranean by building strong links with the Middle East, we entered the Black Sea, European, Asian and US markets. Today our trading activities span across the 5 continents.

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