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Aygaz, the first company of the Ko� Conglomerate operating in the energy sector, was founded in 1961. The Company has sustained its leading position for half a century in its core business, LPG sector. Today, Aygaz ranks among the top five LPG companies in Europe by virtue of its sustainable and strong growth policies As the 10th largest industrial company in Turkey according to the 2011 list compiled by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Aygaz ranked 19th in the Turkey Fortune 500 by advancing two places. Aygaz is the one and only publicly traded company in the LPG sector. The competitive advantage of Aygaz, which is the best known brand of cylinder gas in Turkey, derives from its deep-rooted experience and know-know as well as its innovation and reliable position in the sector. Aygaz, which continuously strengthens its brand name by closely following and acting on changing patterns of consumer demand through a proactive approach and enhancing its product range, strives to lead the change. In its core business field, Aygaz, � Distributes LPG as autogas, cylinder gas, and bulk gas, � Manufactures and sells LPG cylinders, tanks, valves and regulators � Markets LPG-operated devices

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