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Avance Tide Offshore Marine Pte Ltd

Avance Tide Offshore Marine Pte Ltd (ATOM) aims to serve the Oil and Gas Industry via experience, sound leadership with a dedicated and effective team of people who form the backbone of the company. By linking up closely with other marine services, we target to provide a seamless one stop service center to all our clients. Capabilities: Offshore Support Partner Our Offshore support capability is backed by a fleet of young and fully equipped support vessels and an operation team with experienced in supporting various offshore projects such as pipelay, installation, diving and platform maintenance projects. Integrated Offshore Marine Logistics service provider: Drawing from 14 years of Offshore Marine Support and Logistics experience in operating, managing and providing transportation services to the Marine, Oil and Gas industry, Avancetide Offshore Marine utilizes the geographical advantage of being based in the hub of an international shipping route to provide an efficient multimodal integrated logistics solution. Marine Construction other projects Coastal Marine Civil Construction Works support with our fleet of shallow draft landing crafts, tugs and barges. Other operations such as dredging, salvage and survey support are within our list of resources as well.

EPC Project Management 2021

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