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AV Offshore

AV Offshore is a leading global presence, serving the offshore drilling industry, dedicated to providing highly specialized solutions for offshore drilling fleet, offshore wind energy, mining, and petrochemical and power generation. Our company has a proven quality and proven experience in the work of industrial rope access usually do for these complex and demanding industrial sectors. Not only are we committed to strict compliance with regulations, but also we are with our HSE policy that establishes the basic principles of safety, health, environment and quality in all our business lines and market assistance. We are convinced that the only way to achieve success is through professional ethics , protection of workers and environmental care. That is why all activities initiated by the company, whether for offshore MRI, MRI ground, wind energy, civil engineering and mining, are aimed at contributing to sustainable development and a safe working environment, pursuing the satisfaction of our customers through close collaboration and individualized treatment tailored to each project.

EPC Project Management 2021

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