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Assystem Envy

ENVY Energy and Environmental Investments Inc. is one of the Turkey's leading consultancy and engineering firms. ENVY performed engineering/consultancy services for more than 21,500MWe of power generation projects including Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, designed more than 36,000km of natural gas pipelines and prepared ESIA reports for the most important projects in the region. ENVY has experience in full scope site engineering services using IAEA standards during pre-design and design stages of nuclear power plants. These services include but not limited to: �Geological, hydrogeological, geophysical (onshore/offshore) and geotechnical surveys �Establishment of seismic monitoring stations and continuous monitoring �Seismic and tsunami hazard analysis �Establishment of meteorological/aerological stations and continuous monitoring �Assessment of meteorological/aerological conditions �Establishment of wave/current and level/ temperature stations and continuous monitoring �Bathymetrical surveys �Assessment of marine and surface hydrological conditions �Radionuclide, dust and thermal dispersion modelling studies �Monitoring and assessment of on-shore and off-shore ecological conditions �Mapping studies and establishment of geodynamic polygon for geodetic level deformation

EPC Project Management 2021

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