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Asja Ambiente Italia SpA

Asja is an International group of companies that design, build and manage renewable power plants. Founded in 1995, Asja has established its presence on the market as a modern, virtuous company which combines care for the environment with technology and scientific research, ensuring constant respect for people and the world we live in. Asja is a leading company in electricity generation from landfill gas and is also active in power generation from wind, photovoltaic and biomass as well as in the trading of clean energy and Green Certificates with its subsidiary Asja Market. The recovery of matter from the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) in the form of biomethane and compost is the company's next frontier of development. By turning waste into resources Asja is closing the circle of circular economy. Through its foreign branches, Asja builds plants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CDM and JI projects) in the framework of the Kyoto Protocol and it trades Carbon Credits (CERs-ERUs-VERs) on the national and international markets. The Asja-CO2 system offers individuals and companies the possibility to offset climate-altering emissions deriving from any activities by purchasing carbon credits originated from renewable energy generation projects. Asja�s mission is achieving eco-sustainable development and new growth and business opportunities linked to clean energy and to climate-altering emissions reduction. Asja lives in the present, but it never stops looking forward to the future: it was chosen by the �Politecnico di Torino� to cooperate with top researchers at the prestigious Business Research Center, a place for scientific sharing and development, where it keeps searching for new, top level environmental solutions. Asja has adopted an integrated Quality, Environmental and Safety System, for which it was awarded the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certifications for all its production facilities.

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