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Area Wide Protective (AWP)

Area Wide Protective (AWP) is America's Traffic Control Leader, providing safe, professional, and comprehensive traffic management to a diversified client base. AWP deploys over 4,000 traffic control professionals daily to private contractors and major public utilities throughout 19 states, from Michigan to Connecticut, and South to Florida and across Texas. A company-owned fleet of over 1500 fully-equipped, late model pick-up trucks and specialty vehicles ensures that AWP delivers safe, compliant, and on-time traffic control equipment and services to every job site. AWP�s unparalleled experience, technical competency, and unrelenting focus on safety allows its customers the freedom and peace of mind to concentrate on their core competencies, leaving the work zone protection job to America's Traffic Control Leader. We protect you people, your business, and your time.

EPC Project Management 2021

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