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Aralab is a leading European manufacturer of Environmental Chambers and Controlled Environment Rooms. Since our foundation in 1985 we have been perfecting ways to create and control Temperature, Humidity, Light, Air Flow and many other environmental conditions. We have become partners of companies and researchers from 5 continents. Together, we grew in 3 fields of expertise: BIO � Research in plant growth, tissue culture, seeds, algae, entomology, incubation and storage. Many researchers use Aralab chambers every day to further develop the world�s knowledge and advances in Sciences. STABILITY � Pharmaceutical, food products and cosmetic companies require uniform and very stable climatic conditions to comply with rigorous international standards. Aralab chambers are providing that solution in numerous world locations. TESTING � Aerospace and aeronautics, automotive, building materials, R&D laboratories and quality research institutes everywhere have the need to simulate the most aggressive climatic conditions according to the highest quality standards. We are happy to be part of the solution. Only the highest quality components are used to manufacture our chambers so customers can enjoy the best equipment for their research purposes. Aralab. Your own climate.

EPC Project Management 2021

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