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APL Energy

Following years as a Turkish oil exploration company, APL Petroleum has formed APL Energy and moved into geothermal exploration. Our focus on upstream oil and gas also will be in place with emphasis on Turkey and Northern Iraq. Through this endeavor APL Energy has acquired and sold various geothermal assets in Turkey�s geothermal regions, in addition to our oil and gas activities. As of February 2012 APL Energy is making application to a very prospective geothermal field in the Canakkale region of Turkey. We are seeking geothermal investors to join us in this endeavor. A highlight about APL Energy can be found at the ThinkGeoEnergy May 19, 2011 archive page: APL Energy is a private geothermal exploration and oil and gas consultancy company which also provides engineering services and asset acquisition assistance to companies seeking a geothermal presence in Turkey where it has a highly experienced first class management team. Major oil companies as well as first class publicly traded mid level oil companies have consulted APL Energy for direction and advice on Northern Iraq and Turkish oil field issues.

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