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Amplex Emirates LLC

Amplex-Emirates was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Abu-Dhabi. Amplex Emirates is a technology consulting, integrator and construction company specialized in energy savings solutions. Amplex is recognized for its comprehensive portfolio of services, ranging from design consultancy to installation, integration, commissioning of hardware and software, and maintenance, operation, training, and support. Amplex-Emirates develops and implements customized and innovative smart grid solutions for the utilities and government sectors to intelligently monitor and control their assets, help achieve smarter and greener cities, deliver higher-quality services, and significantly reduce their operating costs. The company has played a fundamental role in helping utilities in the UAE transform the way they use energy using the latest technologies and executed the region�s first-of-its-kind smart energy projects. Today, with industry leaders, Amplex-Emirates completed the largest deployment in the world for a battery energy storage project. The company serves customers in the renewable energy, oil & gas, utilities, wastewater, and telecommunication industries.

EPC Project Management 2021

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