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Expertise. Innovation. Value. AMOG specialises in providing innovative solutions to a broad range of complex engineering problems across the offshore energy, mining and resources, Defence, transport (rail and tunnel), and maritime construction industries. We combine the expertise of forward-thinking engineers with the power of our international network to deliver cutting edge solutions. Our strength is our ability to intimately understanding the breadth and depth of each issue; applying science, technology and clever thinking; conducting modelling, simulation and testing; combined with our experience to get the optimal result. We deliver our industry leading engineering know-how to projects of any scale. Our clients trust us to help them operate more effectively, safely and profitably. That�s how we add outstanding value. The AMOG Team of consulting engineers project managers and technicians has been solving big problems for nearly three decades. From our early days as the Australian Marine and Offshore Group in Melbourne, Australia, we have grown into a global network, evolving our capability and resources to meet increasing demand from a range of industries, governments and enterprises. Our reputation is well-earned - thriving in extreme environments, thinking holistically, working smarter and generating change. From the beginning, our approach was to own problems and deliver leading solutions. It still is.

EPC Project Management 2021

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