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American Association of Blacks in Energy

Established in 1977, the American Association of Blacks in Energy is an association founded and dedicated to ensuring the input of African Americans and other minorities into the discussions and developments of energy policies regulations. Our membership of more than 1600 professionals represents every sector of the energy industry. There are more than 40 chapters located in states, metropolitan areas and college campuses around the country. We use the expertise of our members to analyze energy policy and serve as a resource for community leaders, consumers, policymakers and regulators on the impact that these policies have on underrepresented communities. We are committed to building the pipeline of African Americans in leadership positions in the energy industry. Through our scholarship program, students who plan to major in science, mathematics, engineering and technology have the opportunity to receive scholarships on the local, regional and national level. Our members have the opportunity for professional development at chapter meetings, regional and national conferences. In addition, at quarterly board meetings and monthly webinars members are given regular updates on energy policy and community engagement activities. For more information about the association, visit

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