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AMCDE is a Saudi Arabian Company, established by the merger of Consulting and Design Engineering (CDE) and Abdulla Al-Moaibed Engineering (AME) providing a wide range of engineering services comprising of conceptual design, detailed design and project management. It shelters professional multinational workforce working in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 Certified Quality Management System in providing high quality, cost effective engineering solutions throughout the Gulf region. AMCDE�s major strength lies in the Oil & Gas support services projects, developed from the continuous services provided to Saudi Aramco and other Industrial Sectors. Consulting & Design Engineering (CDE) CDE was established in 1965 as an independent Saudi Company in Dammam by Mr. Azmi Abdul Hadi. Since its inception, CDE was organized to provide special integral services in the field of engineering. In 1971, the Company�s technical services were extended to the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO, now known as Saudi ARAMCO) and it was the first Saudi engineering firm to be approved under the General Engineering Services (GES) Contract. Abdulla Al Moaibed Engineering (AME) AME was incorporated on May 31, 1982, AME and its predecessor, Arabian Business Management Services (ABMS) have been operating in the Kingdom since 1973. AME held an Aramco General Engineering Services Contract from the date of its incorporation until 1988 and another contract from 1992 until the present time.

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