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Ambiente Italia S.r.l.

Ambiente Italia is a research and consulting institute working in environmental and territorial planning and analysis. Established in 1995, Ambiente Italia S.r.l. has merged some of the first environmental planning and analysis experiences developed in Italy since the beginning of the 70�s by Ambiente Italia Research Institute (established in 1990) and Cooperativa Ecologia (established in 1978). Ambiente Italia is accredited as an expert European center for urban and environmental policies and has been approved as ESCO from the Italian Energy Authority. We are partners with the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign and the Global Footprint Network. We are the first Italian company accredited as a �Footprint Expert�. Ambiente Italia provides advice and technical support for: Action plans for sustainable energy and reducing emissions Energy audits and actions for efficiency and renewable energies Strategic and participatory plans, sustainable mobility Plans and actions for sustainable management and waste reduction Plans for managing and protecting natural resources and water Environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment Environmental Management Systems and product policies Design of renewable resources facilities (Ambiente Italia Progetti) Design of zero-emission sustainable neighborhoods and buildings (Ambiente Italia Progetti)

EPC Project Management 2021

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