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ALSTEF Automation S.A.

EXPERT IN MATERIALS HANDLING Alstef is a member of B2A Technology (holding company created with BA Systemes), supplier of automated turnkey solutions for the intralogistics, airport and healthcare markets. In 2018, B2A Technology reported a turnover �109M and a workforce of 550 employees. Alstef, a french company with four subsidiaries in the world, is one of the leading company for BAGGAGE HANDLING SYSTEMS and AUTOMATED STORAGE SYSTEMS. Alstef has the capacity to deliver turnkey systems and to perform operation and maintenance . For Airports, Alstef provides efficient solutions to optimise the processing time of baggage , assure flexible operations, reduce costs of maintenance, and save energy. Major airports in the world have chosen Alstef to design and realise their Baggage Handling Systems, among which Paris Orly and Charles de Gaulle (France), Montr�al P.E. Trudeau (Canada), Helsinki (Finland), Toulouse-Blagnac (France), Nice C�te d�Azur (France), Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia), � For Industry and Logistics, Alstef provides automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) based on stacker-cranes in a high bay warehouse can handle a few hundred to several thousand pallets. Alstef designs the best solution to manage the pallets input/output, the order preparation and the trucks loading . Alstef proposes turnkey solutions combining robotized order preparation (layer deposit, ...) and automated storage systems. Alstef proposes a complete range of software developped by its IT engineers: For Airports: BAGWARE, a state of the art SAC (Sort Allocation Computer) with several additional modules for Chute Allocation, Early Bag Store Management, Bag Pax tracking, .... For Logistics: STOCKWARE, a WMS/WCS (Warehouse Management Software) with the latest functionalities available and which development is based on more than 25 years of experience with WMS and 55 years of experience with AS/RS.

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