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Alpha Offshore Service

Alpha Offshore Service is a Danish company established in the beginning of 2007, by Managing Director Mikkel Lund. The company was established due to the increasing demand within the on and offshore wind industry. We provides our clients with a high efficient, professional and reliable partnership. Over 8 years of a close partnership with the same costumers, and a zero level of accidents confirm the high standards from Alpha Offshore Service. WIND: Alpha Offshore Service is specialized in complicated Rope Access tasks, replacement of WTG main components, service, supervision, installation, QA and advanced WTG blade repairs. Oil & Gas: All our highly skilled personnel come with the high qualifications, offshore training and customer approved PPE to support any project worldwide. Please find some bullet points of our present and ongoing services: Painters (Incl Rope Access) Inspection an d Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Rope Access Teams (Level 1 � Level 3 Supervisors) Riggers and Rigger Supervisors (Level 1 � Level 3 Supervisors) Survey and ROV Thermal Imaging inspections Mission & Vision: To maintain our positions as the most reliable and trusted partner to our customers in the provision of on and offshore engineering personnel. � � Alpha Offshore Service secures a qualified workforce of high professionalism and personal standards, by providing the best possible employment, support and conditions for our staff that attract the best possible employees. � Maintain a stable, profitable and growing business to provide reliable and consistent support to our customers. Alpha Offshore Services overall goal is to be recognised as the leading and preferred business partner for wind turbine manufactures or owners in the Offshore Wind Power Industry within the next 3 to 5 years.

EPC Project Management 2021

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