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alfanar Construction

As one of the very few Grade I companies in the region, alfanar Construction is ranked number one among the top turnkey construction companies in the region. alfanar is widely known for its full turnkey and project development capabilities. Over the years, alfanar construction, has been providing unique and exceptional services in the infrastructure sector and has evolved as a leading EPC and engineering services company for power, water, petrochemical, industrial, and infrastructure sectors in the region. With a well-proven portfolio of impressive projects completed outstandingly in the past decades, alfanar is committed to deliver projects with the highest client satisfaction at the right time at the right standard. Our strength lies in fulfilling our commitments and our ability to deliver a high quality projects at a high pace to the complete satisfaction of our clients. EPC activities: � Power & Water Projects � Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Projects (MEP) � Building Construction (Industrial & Commercial) Projects Subsidiaries: In order to align the massive growth of the major turnkey related functions, several key vertical units were established. These business units were created to provide integrated project solutions, while still maintaining the competitiveness and high standards of alfanar: � Testing & Commissioning and Maintenance Solutions � Repairing & Rewinding Services for Motors, Transformers and Generators � Steel Structure Fabrication

EPC Project Management 2021

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