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Air Drilling Associates

ADA, originally founded in 2003 as Air Drilling Associates, rapidly grew into the largest air/ foam/ aerated fluids drilling services company in the world and is now the third largest MPD/UBD services provider. This came as a result of the 2015 acquisition of Reform Energy Services and Strata Energy Services of Canada. With this strategic acquisition ADA has more than 30 years� worth of combined UBD, MPD and related engineering and operational experience. Today the company is the third largest MPD/UBD services provider, capable of offering a full array of MPD/UBD equipment for onshore as well as deep water offshore applications. ADA provides the SafeKick and Kelda Leidar MPD control systems, capable of robustly predicting the choke response under gas influx conditions. ADA has an alliance with Regional Marine & Engineering Services (RMES), an API 16-RCD certified manufacturing facility, for testing and manufacturing rotating control devices (RCD's) for on- and offshore applications. ADA has offices in most major oil, gas and geothermal regions around the world, please refer to our website for more details.

EPC Project Management 2021

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