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AES ?Associated Energy Services (Pty) Ltd.

AES specialises in operating and managing Energy & Utility Plant on behalf of industrial users across various industries throughout South Africa. AES�s outsourced operations include the takeover of existing energy & utility operations, as well as upgrades to or new-build energy plant operations.with extensive knowledge in related technologies. AES�s outsourced operations include a strategic executive partnering approach to taking over of existing operations, as well as upgrades to or new-build energy plant. In addition to outsourcing services, since 1996 AES has built up vast knowledge and experience to project manage, supply, staff, fuel, operate and maintain the following types of plant: - Industrial Steam Generators / Boilers (high & low pressure), - Steam Turbine Power Generators, - Gas Turbine Power Generators, - Hot Water Generators, - Thermal Oil Heaters, - Waste Heat Recovery, - Compressors, - Chiller Plant, - RO (reverse osmosis) plant and, - Rain Water Harvesting. AES�s whole business model is based on the efficient running of industrial Energy & Utility plant for the benefit of the user, whether for environmental, ISO standards, financial or risk mitigation reasons and currently doing so for 29 clients; so who better to trust than someone tried and tested.

EPC Project Management 2021

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