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Headquartered in Austin, Texas, AEREON is a global leader in gas and vapor handling, combustion and recovery technologies and services.AEREON was formed in 2012 when Flare Industries acquired Jordan Technologies. Through the merger of these world-class brands, AEREON offers the broadest product line of engineered flare systems, enclosed combustion systems, ignition systems and vapor recovery units, and is the largest service company for this equipment in the world. Flare Industries Flare Industries, LLC, based in Austin, Texas, is a leader in the combustion and pollution control technology industry. Founded in 1984, Flare designs, manufactures and installs flare systems, thermal oxidizers and ignition systems sold globally to a diverse set of customers in a wide range of operating industries. Jordan Technologies Founded in 1980, Jordan Technologies, based in Louisville, Kentucky, designs, manufactures and actively services vapor recovery units (VRUs). Jordan Technologies'? units recover a variety of VOCs in truck, rail, marine and tank breathing applications, as well as crude, ethanol and natural gases. As the largest service company for VRUs in the world market, Jordan provides service to the majority of the world�s operational VRUs, including other manufacturer's equipment.

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