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Adwen Offshore

Adwen is a leading player in the offshore wind industry, with more than 600 MW installed at sea and close to 2 GW in the pipeline. The firm was created in 2015 with the ambition of developing innovative and reliable solutions aimed at lowering the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) of offshore wind. The firm�s professionals count with more than 20 years of wind experience designing, manufacturing, installing and operating wind turbines both onshore and offshore. In 2009 it installed Germany�s first offshore wind farm, alpha ventus, and in the summer of 2016 it started the installation of one of the most powerful wind turbines ever built, the AD 8-180. Comprehensive offer to bring down the LCoE Adwen has a comprehensive offer of products and services that are key to lower the LCoE. The 5 MW platform powers three offshore wind farms in Germany and is being installed in a fourth one, which will bring the total installed capacity of this platform to close to 1 GW. Based in the proven technology of its 5 MW platform, Adwen has developed the most powerful turbine in the world, the AD 8-180. With nominal capacity of 8 MW and an unmatched rotor diameter of 180 meters, this turbine has the largest annual energy production (AEP) in the industry and as such it is a breakthrough development for the industry on its quest to reduce the cost of offshore wind energy. Adwen�s offer is completed with best-in-class operation and maintenance solutions aimed at avoiding expensive offshore reparation works, increasing availability and maximizing energy production thus leading to improved profitability for project owners. The trust of our customers The AD 8-180 next generation turbine has already been selected to equip three offshore wind farms in France for a total of close to 1.5 GW for customers including Iberdrola, Engie, EDPR and RES. In addition, the new platform is widely recognized as a key addition to the industry.

EPC Project Management 2021

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