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ADIL is a consultancy focused on providing market leading development and operations management support to the energy industry. ADIL provide market leading consultancy support to the oil and gas industry across all lifecycle stages � from exploration, through developments and production operations to decommissioning. Key ADIL personnel have occupied senior roles in the oil and gas industry, the majority working for operators and having 20 to 30 years� experience the industry. Their combined industry experience means that they understand clients� businesses and their needs, working closely with them to ensure these needs are met. ADIL�s offering consists of six defined services, detailed as follows: Acquisition and Divestment (A&D) Accelerated Conceptual Engineering (ACE) Lean Project Management (LPM) Production Value Optimisation (PVO) Life Extension and Decommissioning (LED) Marginal Asset Collaboration (MAC)

EPC Project Management 2021

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