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Acron Group

Acron Group is a leading Russian and global mineral fertiliser producer with a diversified product portfolio consisting of multi-nutrient fertilisers such as NPK and bulk blends, and straight nitrogen-based products such as urea, ammonium nitrate and UAN. In 2019, the Acron Group's total fertiliser sales volume was 7.6 million tonnes. The Group's key markets are Russia, China and other fast growing developing markets of South Asia, Latin America and former Soviet Union. Acron Group employs over 11,000 people in 10 countries. In 2019 the Acron group's consolidated revenues in accordance with IFRS were USD 1,774 million, and net profit was USD 383 million. The Group�s shares and GDRs are listed at MOEX and LSE. Acron has 2 chemical production facilities and a mine in Russia with aggregate capacity of over 7 mn t of commercial product, mining licences in Russia and Canada for over 400 mn t of recoverable potash resources in terms of KCl. Acron's logistics and transportation capabilities include 3 Baltic Sea transshipment port terminals with aggregate throughput capacity of over 5 mtpa. The Company operates extensive distribution networks in Russia (Agronova) and China (Beijing Yong Sheng Feng AMPC, LTD), and wholly-owned trading companies (Acron Argentina S.R.L, Acron Brasil Ltda., Acron USA Inc., Acron Switzerland AG, Acron France SAS). Acron is a member of the International Fertilizer Industry Association, the European Fertilizer Import Association and the Russian Fertiliser Producers Association.

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