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Abu Dhabi National Chemicals Company (ChemaWEyaat)

ChemaWEyaat was announced by Emiri Decree on 26th November 2008.Three state-owned enterprises are the shareholders of the company: � International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) 40% � Abu Dhabi Investment Council (The Council) 40% � Abu Dhabi National Oil Company(ADNOC) 20% The purpose of the company is to utilize the resources of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to enhance the development of the chemicals industry in Abu Dhabi. As a new member of the Middle East chemicals industry, ChemaWEyaat aims to become one of the region�s top chemicals companies; and, in concert with IPIC�s businesses, become one of the top ten chemical companies globally. To achieve this objective, ChemWEyaat has a unique position affording both access to the hydrocarbon reserves of Abu Dhabi and the strong support of the Abu Dhabi Government. The name ChemaWEyaat is derived from the name of the parent company, Abu Dhabi National Chemicals Company. In Arabic, ChemaWEyaat means chemicals. As the brand name of an industrial chemicals company, ChemaWEyaat has the phonetic advantage of evoking the meaning of chemicals in multiple languages, thus becoming recognizable by a global audience. It is reminiscent of how the Middle Eastern cultures further developed the science of Chemistry, which was conveyed to the west during the middle Ages. The science of Chemistry led to great leaps in Chemicals solutions assisting the evolution of civilizations.

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