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The A2A Group was set up in 2008 out of the desire to create a multiutility of a size consistent with the challenges dictated by the gradual opening of the services markets, keeping a strict and special relationship with the local territory and the system of relations which distinguishes it. Born out of the merger between AEM, ASM and Amsa, three companies with a history stretching back more than 100 years, today the A2A Group is: - the leading local Multiutility in Italy in terms of revenues, margins and market capitalisation; - an energy player with a customer base rooted profoundly in Northern Italy and a portfolio of assets distributed throughout the country; - an operator having selected growth at an international level in Montenegro (production and distribution of energy), France (cogeneration and district heating), the United Kingdom, Greece and Spain (the development of waste treatment plants) and Europe (energy trading). A2A�s business model consists of a mixture of �green� activities, which represent a growth business, in particular through the contribution of activities with high industrial content in the fields of the production of electricity from renewable sources (hydroelectric, waste to energy and biomasses) and energy saving (cogeneration and network efficiency).

EPC Project Management 2021

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