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Since 1963, A.Hak has been contributing to the safe and reliable availability of water and energy for households and businesses. We have made that contribution by doing what we do best for 55 years: building underground infrastructure and the associated above-ground installations. Underground infrastructure Transport pipelines transporting heat, gas and liquids over long distances, possibly assisted by pump or compressor stations. Underground medium and high voltage cables that form part of the regular electricity network. But also the connections that connect wind and solar farms to that grid. Finely meshed distribution networks that bring heat, gas, water and electricity to homes and business premises. From local to international A.Hak was founded in 1963 as a local company that laid pipelines in the Netherlands. This company quickly grew into an international group of companies. Our headquarters are still in the Netherlands, but we now have offices throughout Europe and the Middle East. With a Dutch hands-on-the-sleeves mentality, we carry out projects all over the world. We stand for safety and quality and have the certificates and references to prove it. The energy issue As a link in the water and energy chain, we have a strong social responsibility. This responsibility is only growing as the world demands new, sustainable solutions to the energy issue. We are convinced that underground infrastructure will continue to play an important role in almost all answers. Examples are district heating, geothermal heat or hydrogen. In close cooperation with our clients and partners, we therefore want to use our experience to continue finding concrete solutions together. A.Hak - Sustainable connections

EPC Project Management 2021

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