Zhermack S.p.A.

Zhermack SpA has been one of the most important producers and international distributors of alginates, gypsums and silicone compounds for the dental sector for over 35 years. It has also developed solutions for the industrial and wellbeing sectors. Dental, Industrial, Wellbeing: three divisions, to meet the market with excellent solutions. Founded in Italy in 1981, the Company has branches in Germany, Poland and United States, local representatives in many Countries and collaborates with a network of over 1000 distributors and dealers. Fulfilling your needs - Fulfilling is our commitment Guaranteeing the professional fulfilment of all employees, partners, clients and end consumers. To give more value to everyone�s work, and more quality to every individual�s life. Your is a sentiment For us, people are the starting point as well as the point of arrival. We establish direct relationships with them, a communication channel that is kept open at all times, and we share the same passion in reaching goals. Needs is an abiding thought Our clients demand simple answers and reliable solutions. Three divisions, one shared vision: Dental, Industrial, Wellbeing. Three divisions, bringing stand-out solutions to the market. For the dental sector, for industry, for cosmetics and personal care. Zhermack Dental. Dental is Zhermack�s core business, and we provide a comprehensive range of solutions for sector professionals. Zhermack Industrial. Our experience and the technologies we have developed in producing addition- and condensation-cured silicones and alginates has been extended to a range of industrial sectors. Zhermack Wellbeing. From Zhermack�s creativity, from our dynamism, through the meticulous study of materials and formulations, come a selection of systems and solutions dedicated to personal wellbeing. A great Group, with a great vision for the future.