Z Energy NZ

Z is a Kiwi transport fuel company, supplying fuel to nearly half the market. We�re locally operated with a network of 208 Z service stations and approximately 150 truckstops. We also provide wholesale supply of fuel to independent businesses who operate under the Caltex brand. We own a 15.4 per cent share in New Zealand�s only refinery and are listed on the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges with 10,000 mostly local shareholders. We�re a local company of more than 400 Kiwi staff who work across much of New Zealand. We pride ourselves on being different from our competitors. Being locally operated we are able to make big decisions fast. We are investing in New Zealand�s fuel infrastructure assets, have a leading network and stock position and we are doing �Good in the Hood� through our annual local sponsorship programme. Being distinctive means our people are different, the way we do stuff is different and what we aspire to is different. We reckon this enables us to achieve a range of extraordinary outcomes and to achieve those outcomes we give our people a reason for belonging, the possibility of a bigger purpose, and a hunger for the extraordinary. We want Z to represent what New Zealanders can achieve when they put their minds to the things that matter � things like putting the service into service stations, fuelling New Zealand to get ahead, supporting local neighbourhoods, and rewarding our investors and bondholders for their belief in us. We reckon social media gives us a great opportunity to interact with other New Zealanders, about a wide range of topics. It�s the perfect way for us to hear your thoughts, comments, and opinions about both our service and our industry. Our social media accounts are generally 'manned'? during normal office hours, Monday to Friday. Additionally, we adhere to our own published Social Media guidelines, which you can read at www.z.co.nz/socialmedia.