Wissol Petroleum Georgia

JSC Wissol Petroleum Georgia is a major fuel supplier company in the Republic of Georgia. Wissol Petroleum is a founding company of Wissol Group, the largest retailer business group in Georgia which owns auto-service centers of Vianor Georgia, supermarket chain Smart, network of Wendy's Georgia, advertising company Alma and other smaller businesses. Wissol Group is the first and only Georgian brand that was enlisted among the top ten European brands at the European Business Awards in Paris. With more than 4000 employees it is the biggest employer in the Georgian retail sector and one of the biggest tax payers towards the State Budget; Wissol Petroleum imports fuel from the Mediterranean pool; its products are Euro5 standard and are delivered to Wissol consumers through the largest network of company-owned petrol and CNG stations throughout Georgia. Wissol holds ISO Quality Management Certificate since 2006 and nowadays it owns the ISO 9001:2008; An innovator in the Georgian energy sector, Wissol continuously strives to develop new products and services. It was first to introduce corporate fuel cards to the Georgian market in 2001. Since then this service has evolved, now offering customers an opportunity to place online orders and to keep track of all transactions/fuel-deposits via their online account. Thanks to the online cards system, the orders now are reflected on accounts momentarily, allowing the corporate clients immediate access to their purchase. Since 2009 Wissol has been offering its corporate clients the unique GoLive fleet management satellite system; it was the first company in Georgia to do so. The GoLive systems have resulted in fuel saving, improved control and efficient consumption for several client companies. These and other products&services that Wissol Petroleum offers, such as Automatized System of fuel dispensation, discount opportunities, loyalty card, can be explored in further detail on the company webpage - www.wissol.ge