Windforce Management Services Pvt. Ltd

WinDForce Management Services Private Limited (WinDForce) is a Wind Energy Technical Services company offering a range of services to diverse stakeholders. Founded in 2008 by EVI (Emergent Ventures India), the professionally managed WinDForce has established itself as leading services company in the wind sector. Its services include: - Third party Owner's Engineers in quality assurance of windfarm projects - Lender's Engineers - Wind Resource Assessment - Asset Management Services - Technical DD - Project Management Consultancy - Scheduling & Forecasting - Meso-map studies (Regional & National) WinDForce has also developed WinDForcer, its own windfarm simulation package, which is yielding realistic results. WinDForce clients include: - IPPs - Small & Medium Enterprises - Corporates - Equities & Funds - Banks, Financial Institutions, multilaterals. - International agencies such as IRENA, Worldbank, USAID etc. WinDForce has provided its services to projects that vary in scale and type from single windfarm to large windfarms to regional and country studies. The company has been providing services in East Asia (Japan), Africa, South Asia and the MENA region. WinDForce Highlights: - In 2014-15 winDForce was engaged as a service provider to about 800 MW capacity (a third of total installed capacity in India). In the year 2015-16, it has a similar engagement - More than 6000 MW of wind resource assessment - Around 2000 MW of windfarm capacity - Tech DD or Lenders Engineer's role - National projects to develop Wind Atlas for Malaysia and Kenya - Empaneled with Banks & Financial Institutions Windforce is now also acting as Owner's/ Lender's Engineer in Solar Projects. For more details please contact :;