Wellflex Energy Solutions

Wellflex Energy Solutions provides our customers with a full scope of engineering, design, and fabrication services for oil and gas production and process equipment. We offer equipment from bare vessels all the way to turnkey facilities depending on our customer�s needs. Through our in-house engineering we can work directly with operators or engineering firms to design the most effective equipment for our customer�s conditions. Wellflex has over 160,000 square feet of manufacturing located in Fort Worth, TX. At Wellflex, we strongly believe that we can improve the total cost of ownership of our equipment by utilizing our ModFlex� process. By modularizing a pad site in our facility, operators are able to install a higher quality system in a faster, safer and more cost-effective manner. Not only are operators able to increase revenue by turning production on faster, but ModFlex� also improves the predictability of scheduling and costs associated with pad site construction due to the reduced field labor required for installation, and the standardization of multi-well pad sites.

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