Walter Tosto S.p.A.

WALTER TOSTO SpA is a leading manufacturer of critical, long lead equipment including heavy wall hydrocracking, hydrotreating, GTL and EO reactors for various applications within Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Power & Energy, Food & Pharma markets. With an unparalleled commitment to the delivery of cutting edge technology and services to the leading worldwide EPCs and End Users, we benefit from over 52 years of experience underlined by significant investments in human resources, quality, research, state of the art facilities and technologies as well as optimal logistic solutions for worldwide deliveries. Our know-how related to the design and manufacturing of heat transfer equipment was strengthened by the acquisition of one of Italy's most referenced manufacturer of HP Heat Exchangers Bosco Industrie Meccaniche. Today we are able to manufacture large and non-standard equipment with unique shell thickness and weights. Our philosophy of manufacturing and supply is characterized by the fact that all major activities are carried out in-house with no limitation in terms of machinery capabilities nor logistical handling allowing us to deliver the long lead items in one single piece directly from our Ortona Seafront workshop, on the Adriatic Sea. We operate according to a Quality Management System pursuant to the ISO 9001 standard since 1995. We have been recently qualified by Fusion for Energy for a Nuclear project, called ITER project and have successfully achieved the ASME STAMP N e NPT.