Vivergo Fuels Ltd.

Vivergo Fuels is a world scale biofuels business based in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Now at full production, we produce enough bioethanol to meet up to one half of the UK�s current demand, and we deliver into the market every day, enough high protein animal feed (DDGS) to feed approaching 20% of the UK dairy herd. Vivergo�s process uses 1.1 million tonnes of locally source, feed-grade wheat, which is converted into bioethanol and animal feed products with virtually no waste. The company is one of the largest ethanol producers in Europe (producing 420 million litres per year) and the largest single source supplier of animal feed in the UK, producing 500,000 tonnes each year. Vivergo�s bioethanol offers Green House Gas (GHG) savings in excess of 50% over standard petrol, the equivalent of removing 180,000 cars from the road each year. Its animal feed production provides the protein requirements for over 340,000 dairy cows every day, representing about 20% of the UK.