Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd.

Vishvaraj Infrastructure Ltd. (VIL), flagship company of Vishvaraj Group, a company that envisions building infrastructure that improves the quality of life for citizens at large. We started our operations with PPP-BOT projects in the roads & highways sector and subsequently diversified into Water Supply projects. We take pride in being the pioneer of the first ever 24X7 full city water supply project in India - �Nagpur 24X7 Water Supply Scheme� which is acclaimed nationally and internationally. The company also advocates the concept of Value from Waste i.e. Reuse of water, accordingly, VIL is implementing one of the most prestigious STP projects of 200 MLD at Nagpur on DBFOT-Annuity mode with a concession period of 32 years. In this project, the company is responsible for 100% investment and operational guarantee of output quality for 30 years and will reuse the treated water by selling it to nearby Thermal Power Plant. We are a part of the small and medium enterprise (SME) fraternity with an aspiration to reach the next level of expansion cycle. Growing from strength to strength, today the organization has reached a stage where it feels empowered enough to aspire for large-scale assignments on its own or through partnerships. For us, infrastructure does not mean �business� alone. Rather, for us it is a continued commitment towards the society where each and every person who has ever utilized our services should represent a satisfied individual. Our users should be our brand ambassadors is what we focus on. We aspire and work towards becoming an infrastructure company that represents trust. Our idea of PPP - Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited has gone one step ahead to add a fourth 'P' to the currently existing format of Public-Private Partnership (PPP). We have added the "People" factor to it, thus giving it a complete form of the 4 Ps.