Veolia Water Technologies

WE HAVE THE TOOLS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Sustainable development is at the heart of all Veolia Water Technologies operations. Our values and tools help us prepare the future for the next generation. By improving the environmental performance of communities and industries, Veolia Water Technologies is a major player in the water preservation process. OUR MISSION: TO VALUE WATER IN ALL ITS FORMS Water is an irreplaceable resource. Evaluating the impact of human activity in this area is a core focus for Veolia Water Technologies. Our solutions offer public and private sector clients all necessary assets to reduce their environmental impact. Veolia Water Technologies works to develop innovative solutions that optimise water consumption, and reduce volumes used with the objective of "zero liquid discharge"?. The world-leading expertise of Veolia Water Technologies is a key strength customers can leverage to achieve their goals while respecting the environment. WE VALUE AND REUSE WATER Our technical expertise is a source of sustainable wealth. Treating sewage is an essential water recovery process. We reuse, reclaim and transform wastewater to extract more resources and convert them into energy sources. Our technologies reduce production costs for industries and communities. We value by-products and can help reduce landfill costs as well contribute to improving the public perception of our partners. WATER: A PRECIOUS ELEMENT More and more communities are turning to Veolia Water Technologies'? water treatment technologies. Public cleaning services, distribution network access and watering of green spaces are all possible and backed by our expertise. OUR COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABLE HUMAN ACTIVITY IS DEMONSTRATED BY OUR TRUSTED PARTNERSHIPS WITH INSTITUTIONAL AND INDUSTRIAL BUSINESSES. THE TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW OF VEOLIA WATER TECHNOLOGIES MAKES US A RECOGNISED WORLD LEADER IN THE PRESERVATION OF WATER.