Vaillant Group

The Vaillant Group is a global market and technology leader in the fields of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology. For over 140 years, we have been following a strategy designed to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. Today, our family-owned company has 10 sites in 6 European countries and China. Our plants manufacture high-efficiency products. Working at Vaillant Group means �Taking care of a better climate�. This vision is a mindset and a promise. To work on products and solutions that actually make a difference. For the future and future generations. Sustainability is not a marketing gimmick for us. And it�s more than just thinking green. It is an attitude that we individually live in the office, the plants and being on the road. Whether it may be the small gestures. Or the big projects. Sustainability can be seen, felt, and heard of in every corner of Vaillant Group. And in the same way we take care of the climate, we take care of our employees. Their families, their careers, and their ambitions. By challenging and mentoring them. By nurturing and protecting them. And by offering a stable and transparent environment in which they can strive.