Valvitalia was founded in 2002 by the present CEO Salvatore Ruggeri and his two sons, Massimiliano and Luca. The Group is one of the world leader in manufacturing products for the energy, marine and civil industries. Valvitalia spreads over 10 manufacturing plants, 7 of which are in Italy and the others are in China, U.K. and Canada with commercial offices in Abu Dhabi, Houston and Alger. With more than 1100 employees and a 2018 year turnover of 301 million euro, the Group exports about 92% of production and its products are installed in 110 Countries worldwide. Production excellence together with the capability to fully satisfy requests and needs of its customers, thanks to a custom made manufacturing of valves, actuators, fittings, flanges, monolithic isolation joints, gas equipment and Fire Fighting systems brought to the ONE-STOP-SHOP concept, that has been the main element which determined the success of the Group and the distinction trait from the competitors. Salvatore Ruggeri, together with his two sons, controls through Finvalv the 99,5% of the Group, while the remaining 0,5% is owned by CDP Equity.