Unicol Limited Pakistan

Unicol Limited, a public unquoted company, is a joint venture distillery project with shares equally held among Faran Sugar Mills, Mehran Sugar Mills and Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills. All three companies are listed on the different Stock Exchanges of Pakistan. Unicol�s plant is located at Mirpurkhas which is around 230 KM from Karachi. Unicol commenced its operations in August 2007 and is producing ethanol from Sugarcane Molasses. The plant is located at Mirpurkhas, Sind on a 98 acre plot and has designed capacity of 100,000 liters or 80 metric tons (MT) per day. The plant is designed by Maguin Interis, France (www.maguin.com) and the Bio Gas plant is designed by Proserpol, France (www.proserpol.com); both these companies are well recognized in their respective fields. Unicol can produce different grades of ethanol, including ENA Anhydrous (99.95%), ENA (>96%) and B grade (>92%). Presently 100% of Unicol's ethanol is being exported with the majority destined for European markets. Unicol is presently in the process of being registered as a 'CDM project'. Unicol, being part of economic development and providing employment in Pakistan�s rural areas, ensures the compliance of all health, safety and environmental laws and procedures.Products: Unicol Limited operates 100,000 liters per day distillery which can produce various grades of ethanol including: 1. ENA Anhydrous (99.9%) 2. ENA (>96%) 3. B Grade (>92 %). The strength of our B grade is normally > 94%