UTEX Industries Inc.

Utex Industries, Inc. is a leader in the Fluid Sealing Industry since 1940. We custom design & manufacture engineered seals and components made of high performance armored elastomers, polymers, urethanes, composites and mechanical seals for clients in the Oil & Gas, water distribution, aerospace and industrial markets. Utex headquarters are in Houston, Texas with manufacturing facilities totaling over 700,000 square feet of space throughout nine divisions in Texas and Europe with Sales Offices in Brazil and Singapore. Utex is comprised of over 700 talented, curious minds and passionate professionals who live and breathe your business. We work hard to understand, design, and manufacture quality products that deliver solutions to your business. What is our passion? Solving difficult problems. We embrace opportunities to craft custom sealing solutions and products that address our clients� toughest challenges. We thrive on difficult situations in which we get to roll up our sleeves, explore possibilities, and uncover the solution to your needs. When there are questions, we find answers. If there are opportunities, we help companies seize them.