Urenco USA (UUSA) is part of an international company that operates on the cutting-edge of the nuclear energy industry, utilizing the world�s most advanced, energy-efficient, and cost-effective method to enrich uranium. As the only enrichment facility in North America, UUSA helps provide clean, sustainable energy while operating under a framework of high environmental, social responsibility, and corporate governance standards. Our world-class facility is an oasis in the middle of the EnergyPlex, and we strive to promote the production of nuclear energy to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy while remaining dedicated to safety and investing in community outreach. Located in Eunice, New Mexico, URENCO USA is the first nuclear facility in 30 years to receive a license to construct and operate in the USA and is the first to use centrifuge technology. URENCO USA is proud of its employees� commitment to making the local area a better place to live and work. URENCO supplies enriched uranium for nuclear power generation using our world-leading centrifuge technology. URENCO has four uranium enrichment facilities operating in the United States of America, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. With annual revenues of over �1 billion, we employ 1,400 people and supply more than 50 customers in 17 countries, meeting regulatory requirements for health, safety and environmental practices in every area. Our aim is to be the company of choice within the nuclear fuel supply chain and a key contributor to sustainable energy.